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Moving Home

Just moved house? Do you need your locks changed?

If you have just moved to a different property we strongly advise you to change all external door locks, if you are renting we advise you to ask your landlord to do this.
Family moving house
Do you know who has a key to your property? Contractors? Sales reps? Former owners? Who knows?

Entering a property with the keys is the easiest, quickest and quietest way in, no one will be suspicious if someone is entering your property with a key.

Just because you may have received all your original keys, it does not mean someone has not got a cut one.

Please be aware of this as we have come across this many times before. Please also refer to your insurance documents as some insurance companies do not pay out in the event of a burglary if you have not changed the locks or upgraded them.

If you are concerned about any security breaches, please feel free to call us anytime on 01243 717 470.

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