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Avoid The Nationals & Keep Business Local

In this trade as with nearly all trades now local business is having to compete with the large national companies. These companies invest tens of thousands of pounds into advertising and make it increasingly difficult for local trades people to find enough work, and unfortunately in alot of cases we are then often forced to have to sub-contract work from them to survive.

I’m no exception and have had to accept jobs from them to pay the bills, however I’m now getting to the point as my business is becoming more established, that I take less and less work from them.

So for example, where I would charge between £35 and £55 (No VAT) for labour depending on what’s involved, a national company will charge between £75 and £85 per hour plus VAT.

Another example, I charge between £20 and £30 for a Euro Cylinder (the cylinder in a uPVC door) they will charge you between £50 and £60 plus VAT for the same cylinder, and if any parts need ordering you will be expected to pay a further labour charge of £75 or £85 per hour +VAT on the return visit, as where I would do a reduced labour charge in these instances.

So you can see the huge differences in cost for the same service, as these national companies only sub-contract work to your local trades people to do the work for them, and then pay them a tiny percentage for it.

So my tips to avoid these companies.

  1. Always use Checkatrade or Trading Standards everyone affiliated with these organisations is vetted, interviewed, and monitored.
  2. If you get through to a call center, your speaking to a national.
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